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JamPlay offers lessons from some of the most popular and well respected electric guitar players in the world. They have full masterclasses from guitarists like:. Each of their lessons offer detailed videos showing you everything from basic chords and strumming to modern solos and finger tapping techniques. The rock star roster of more than 92 instructors help you learn the style of music that you want to play on the electric guitar. They teach everything from hard rock and metal to modern rock and country.

I recommend JamPlay for anyone who is serious about learning to play the electric guitar. Take Me to JamPlay. One of the best things about signing up for guitar lessons on the internet is that you can do it for FREE. The answer: none. With online lessons, you can sign up, test drive their service, and use as many lessons as you want for the first two week completely for free.

Here is a list of the top online guitar lesson free trial coupons and discounts on the market that you can take advantage of to learn guitar for free. Guitar backing tracks or jam tracks are simply a recording of the band playing a song without any lead guitar or vocals. Playing with a backing track is a great way to practice guitar and get better at playing with a band. Many of the guitar training courses have some backing tracks for you to work with, but some companies emphasize them more than others.

For instance, the Fender Play lessons almost exclusively show you how to play popular songs. As you learn your favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers tune, you can play along with their backing track. Other courses like JamPlay and Guitar Tricks offers tons of original jam tracks in all different styles and keys. They have everything from country to metal tracks that you can use to practice playing with a band or work on your soloing skills.

So if this is really important to you, you should check out TrueFire. In short, yes. Online guitar lessons work. Computer based teaching has been around since computers were invented. Even before that video based training was around.

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Thus, the age-old debate of whether real-life live teaching is better than virtual teaching has been going on for decades. Music is one of those topics. Virtual teaching has come so far from its early days that video lessons are actually more helpful and informative than real-life lessons. One of the main reasons why music courses and guitar lessons online are so effective is because you can pause, rewind, and repeat.

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  • Unlike in an in person lesson, virtual training lets you pause what the instructor is saying to give you time to process it and figure it out. Then you can hit play and jump back into the lesson. I know teachers can stop in real life and show you more details about the technique, but that takes time away from the lesson. Internet based training lets you watch the same instruction over and over again until you figure out the fingering patterns without cutting the rest of the lesson short.

    Not to mention, you can also pause and stop any video during the teaching and come back to it a later time. You can sit down for 15 minutes or 30 minutes at time and learn something new. For example, your local guitar shop teacher will probably only be able to teach you one or two genres of playing like rock and blues. But do these people know country, metal, reggae, soul, fingerstyle, classical, and everything else?

    Okay, that was kind of a loaded question, but you get the point. Going to a local music store limits the type of music and playing styles that you can learn. You are pretty much just left up to whoever they have working there at the time. There are limitless videos on every single genre and playing style you can think of. Not to mention, you can work on different playing styles at the same time.

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    For instance, you can work through a country playing module on Monday and Wednesday and work through a classical series on Tuesday and Thursday. There are just so many more options than traditional lessons. You need something cool that you can relate to. The only thing that helped me through the pain of learning my first chords was working on Metallica riffs, Zepplin tunes, and Hendrix solos. Without that music there to motivate me, I might have quit too.

    All of the major online guitar instruction sites show you how to play tons of your favorite songs, so you can learn anything you want to. I learned this from the beginning. I fumbled around on the internet looking for online guitar tabs, training videos, and learning songs by ear.

    I wish I had done that sooner. I saw a huge improvement when I joined. You will see such better and faster results. To me it seems crazy to pay that much money for something that is a one type thing. If you forget what the teacher showed you, you are kind of out of luck. Online lessons are so much more affordable both in total dollar amount and in value. For a small monthly fee, you get access to thousands of lessons that you can revisit anytime you want.

    You also get access to tons of backing tracks and songs to play along with. Not to mention, some services like ArtistWorks give you a personal lesson option. Needless to say, online lessons are a way better value. In fact, most of the lesson websites actually have free trial options, so you can get a week or even a month for free! There are a ton of different things that you should look for in guitar lessons, but the most important are:. The main two places online that that have all of these are Guitar Tricks and Jamplay. There are many other guitar lessons online, but these are the two that are the most consistent and comprehensive.

    This way you can try them out and see if you like them. There are so many benefits to online education. Here are a few of the top reasons why I like internet courses so much. Learning music online is so much more affordable than learning guitar at a local music shop. Now think about guitar lessons online. We all have busy schedules and all have lives to attend to.

    If your experience is anything like mine, your commute to and from the local guitar shop will actually be longer than the training itself. With online guitar training, you can easily log into your account whenever you have a few minutes and sit down to learn something new.


    No booking appointments. No driving to crowded stores. No teachers canceling on you. Although many local musicians are good and have some experience and education, they typically are industry known experts. The teachers in these guitar membership sites are professionals who have successful careers in the music industry. Some are studio musicians and recording artists while others are touring musicians.

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    Not only do you get great training, but it keeps you motivated. Learning from Tosin Abasi himself was really motivating to me. If you are like most people, going into a guitar shop and sitting down with a teacher is kind of scary, especially if you are completely new to guitar. These online videos start at the very beginning and show you step-by-step how to improve and what to focus on. You can take your time to learn the basics before moving on, or you can go crazy and plow through new instruction everyday. Going to the local music store or hiring a private instruction is crazy expensive.

    Be smart and try a free trial in one of these online guitar membership sites. You can see what learning guitar is like and not spend any money. There are lesson programs you can follow, but there are no rules. You can start learning any style or any song anytime you want to. I realize this might sound like too much freedom for some people. Sometimes you need a little bit of structure in order to learn efficiently. I hear you on that one and I agree.

    You can learn anything you want day or night. There are many different teachers and instructors who are all great at teaching you different things.